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5 Ways To Make Quick Money Selling Photos Online

5 Ways To Make Quick Money Selling Photos Online

Selling Photos OnlinePhotography is indeed an excellent pastime one can get into and now anyone can make money selling photos online. You may even choose to build a profession in photography by selling your photos. No matter what level of photography expertise you possess, it’s easy to make good money by selling your pictures online. Having spent days, months and even years in clicking awesome photos; it’s time to sell them to people who respect creativity and possess great love for brilliantly-clicked photos. Today, through this blog I’ll be providing you some quick tips on making good money with your photos.


Tip No.1- Indulge in selling products via your photos

There’s no denying of the fact that good pictures sell products. You can choose to work in collaboration with a business organization and click pictures for their products. In addition to this, you can also set up a website wherein you can post pictures of other people’s items. Hence, you can get paid by the respective business professional for having helped him/her in selling the products to a larger group of customers.


Tip No.2- Choose selling prints for your photos

If you’ve an eye for fantastic photography, why not choose to sell your photos in prints. Many people love to have pictures hanging on their walls and selling your photos in prints will definitely aid you in making a hefty sum of cash. You can really let your imagination go wild with clicking photos that’ll be considered as masterpieces by all photography lovers.


Tip No.3- Selling photos online to blogs and news websites

If you’re good at clicking subject-centric pictures then you can always choose to sell the same to news websites and blogging sites. With the increasing count of blogs and news sites, it won’t be hard for you to find a website that’ll be willing to pay you good dollars for unique photographs.


Tip No.4- Choose selling online greeting cards containing pictures clicked by you

Festivals and celebrations form a crucial aspect of people’s lives. The trend of wishing someone via sending greeting cards will never cease to exist. As a professional photographer, you can take full advantage of this trend by choosing to sell your photographs by including them within several greeting cards. Considering the sheer amount of events covered annually, selling photos online via greeting cards is definitely a source of continuous income inflow.


Tip No.5- Sell your photos by embossing them on T-Shirts

Today, T-Shirts featuring something innovative are in fashion. Being a photographer, you can choose to sell your photos by getting them embossed on T-Shirts, especially designed for newborn babies and teenagers. While clicking photographs of a sports start or any kind of celebrity, be careful not to breach the image copyrights.


Are Your Photographs Worth Selling?

I’m sure this question might have definitely come into your mind. Well, the answer is quite simple. It’s the quality and crispness of you photos that make them worth selling. The more distinguished your pictures are, the more money you can earn by selling them. The majority of people who purchase photos are on a constant look out for photos that can be easily republished elsewhere. It’s been found that simpler photos score big on most of the stock photography sites.


Selling Photos Online: Get Started Right Away

If you have a good appetite for selling your photography online, why wait for the next time. Get started now and sign up with one or more websites that will not only purchase your pictures for a good price but also aid you in portraying your creativity to the world.



Choosing the internet for earning money is a decision that will help you grow your bank balance. If photography is your passion, then selling your photos via the internet can indeed serve as the best option for earning a good income. Hope the tips jotted down in this post will assist you in converting your photographs into money- making tools.

What are your experiences selling photos online? Let me know in the comments below…


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  1. 1-28-2014

    Yes, photography is a passion for many people and the Internet can help them make money from it.

    Many lack ideas of how to go about making money from Photography but I sincerely hope that this post has been helpful by listing 5 important quick ways to turn that photography passion to business!

    This comment was shared in where this post shared and bookmarked for Internet marketers.

    Sunday –

    This is a very helpful post!
    Sunday recently posted…It’s Vital To Have Followers On InstagramMy Profile

    • 1-28-2014

      Hey Sunday,

      Yes photography can defo be a great way to earn some money online, and even a passive income if done correctly!

      I’m glad you found the post on Kingged :)

      Thank you for your comment!



  2. 1-29-2014

    This is an awesome post. I love taking photos, not a day that goes by and I don’t take a photo.

    Now I think this article has opened up my eyes into selling and making money.

    Thanks for the post pal.
    Kharim Tomlinson recently posted…Ways How You Can Breathe Life Back Into Your BlogMy Profile

    • 2-4-2014

      Hi Kharim,

      Yeah this is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash on the side.

      Good luck with selling your photos! Come back here and post a comment when you sell your first one, I’d love to hear about it :)

      Have a great day,


  3. 1-31-2014

    You need to know even a little in photography and artistry, you have to be creative to produce a good and amazing photos that you can sell online. You do not need to buy an expensive DSLR, nowadays, your Smartphone is a good tool to capture photos.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas on how to sell photos online is quick 5 ways.
    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.
    metz recently posted…Don’t Leave Your Blogs Success Up to Blind LuckMy Profile

    • 1-31-2014

      Hey Metz,

      Yeah being creative definitely helps I think to make money from photos but is something pretty much anyone can have a go at. Of course people with skills will be likely to do much better.

      Yes even smartphones have good enough cameras nowadays :)

  4. 2-1-2014

    A good digital camera and a creative mind is all one needs to earn money selling photographs. Some years ago i usually had my camera with me always looking out for rare events to capture, i actually sold a couple of the events i captured but now that smartphones come with good cameras one doesn’t need to walk around with digital cameras even and this is an opportunity that doesn’t require a lot of skills to cash into. Thanks for sharing.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Wired vs Wireless Gaming MouseMy Profile

    • 2-4-2014

      Hi Nwosu,

      Absolutely, the cameras on smart phones are generally pretty good these days, there’s always something around worth taking a picture of. And you never know, that pic may turn into cash later ;)

      Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog. Hope to see you here again soon!

      Best, Steve

  5. 2-19-2014

    We bloggers make money selling affiliate products, photography is one of the art that we can monetize making money.

    For effective results, once we’re ready with some awesome photographs, we should notify people to know your skills by creating groups on social medias and ask like minded people to join the groups.

    Also if we’ve funds in making a website, we can create portfolio type sites and redirect the social traffic in to the portfolio sites and make them to buy photos for their personal and business purposes would help to make money online.

    And the most effective ways is selling photos on crowd sourcing stock photography sites.

    All we do is instead of taking regular snaps, we should use some tricks to attract more people in to buyers.
    Naveen recently posted…How I earn $$ by Video Marketing [With Earning Proof]My Profile

    • 2-20-2014

      Hey Naveen,

      Welcome to my blog, thank you for commenting! :)

      Yes there are a few different ways we can maximize our income with photos. However, selling on stock sites as you say does seem to be one of the most popular.

      Have a great day man, and hope to see you here again soon!

      Best, Steve

  6. 2-19-2014

    I fell in love with taking photos Steve during my world travels. Now I am snapping with my tablet or digital camera wherever I go.

    Being able to capitalize on my photos – literally – appeals to me.

    Excellent tips here for selling your photos. Thanks for sharing
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Kid in Cage or Crib in Chiang Mai ThailandMy Profile

    • 2-20-2014

      Hey Ryan,

      Yes this is a very appealing way to make some extra cash, fun too! If we’re lucky we could take a photo that turns out to be very lucrative!

      Great to see you here again, thanks for your comment I really appreciate your input!

      Have a great week,


  7. 3-8-2014

    Wow! there is hardly anything in this world you just wouldn’t make money from
    Is it a passion, is it good, does it add value?

    Get a good camera be creative as what to snap and there you go making cool cash…

    I love pictures and am sure a whole lot people do and willing to pay for good ones..

    Thanks for sharing on

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