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5 Ways To Sell Your Book Online

How To Sell Your Book Online

book - amazon kindleI was having a drink with a friend recently and he was telling me about a book that he had written but was having trouble promoting it. So far he has only put it on Amazon to be sold as a hardcopy. He asked me if I had any ideas how he could get it to a wider audience and to start to generate more income from it. I’ve been asked this question several times before so I thought I’d do a general over view post on this, so here goes…

Create an Amazon Kindle Version

Turn your book into an ebook and upload it to Amazon Kindle so it will also be available in this format as well. Luckily my friend still had the original copy of his book saved to his computer and he already had the front cover designed by an artist friend of his, which was also saved to his computer. All he needed to to was put it together and save as a pdf document. Then, go to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, open an account and upload your ebook, simples!

If you are in a similar situation, you’re looking to publish a book on Amazon but you haven’t yet got a front cover designed for your ebook then a great place to get this done professionally and really cheap is Fiverr is a fantastic website, I use it for a lot of online tasks.

If you’re not familiar with this brilliant resource then basically is it a website where people offer all kinds of services starting at just $5. So on here you will find many cool people willing to design a professional ebook cover for you for $5! Just shop around a bit first before you decide on ordering someones gig as some people on fiverr are better than others. Be sure to check out the designers rating before ordering from them.

If you want to give your ebook a more professional look then you can use an ebook template. You can find some for free online or if you want a really professional one and want to spend a bit of cash to get the job done then here’s a good one for MS Word.

Other Platforms to sell your book online

EJunkie - amazon kindleIf your book is a ‘how to’ book and especially if it is in a very popular niche like dieting, fitness, making money, personal development etc, then you should also think about putting it on a platform like ClickBank, Commission Junction or eJunkie. But first you will need to make a sales page for your product. Once your ebook is on there you can contact affiliate marketers in that niche and ask them if they would be interested in promoting your ebook.

It’s polite (and sensible) to give the affiliate a free copy of your book so they can see if it is something they would like to promote. Also be aware that the average commission affiliates receive for promoting digital products such as ebooks is usually between 50-75%. If the affiliate doesn’t know you in person or by reputation then you may have to make it an enticing offer to get them to promote it for you. However, once you have several affiliates promoting it for you your ebook becomes true passive income as you will be making around 25-50% for each one of your books that is sold, all on auto-pilot!

Sell it yourself

Take a closer look at what niche your book relates to. Are there people actively buying in this niche? To get an idea of this, have a look online and in magazines to see what kinds of ads people are spending money on. If there are ads for that niche then there are highly likely to be people also buying in that niche. However, before you jump into this, click here to read more about choosing a niche.

So, it may then well be worth creating a blog or niche site from which to promote your ebook. Owning a platform like this can be a really great way to not only sell your own book (and any other products you may go on to make) but to also be an affiliate yourself and make commissions selling other peoples stuff too.

Use Social Media

facebook - social mediaIf you do create a blog or niche site then you will definitely want to use social media to bring traffic to your site, and of course to your book. You can send around small snippents, quotes or even a link to a whole chapter for people to read. Once you’ve got them hooked they may well be really interested to visit your blog to buy a copy.

Regardless, even if you don’t create your own blog, you can and should still use social media to get people knowing about your book. Of course, remember to inclued the link to your book on Amazon Kindle.

Create Video’s to sell your book online

Video marketing is a fantastic way to draw attention online nowadays. Of course, YouTube is by far the most popular video platform out there at the moment so it makes sense to use it if at all possible. Fore example, if your book is a ‘how to’ book, you can make several ‘how to’ videos along the same topic. At the end of the video you can promote your book and/or direct people to the link where they can check out your book.

This is just a few simple ways that anyone can use to start to promote an ebook. What other ways do you know of that I haven’t mentioned? Please also share your experiences of selling your ebooks in the comments below :)



  1. 4-23-2014

    Hi Steve,
    Some very useful Marketing ideas there.

    Especially using videos if you do your homework
    and optimize and link!

    Always useful to do a post and embed your video, it gives
    them both a boost!
    Cararta recently posted…SEO On A Different Path – Incredibly Effective!My Profile

    • 4-27-2014

      Hi Cararta,

      How it going? Thanks for your comment :)

      Yes video marketing can really benefit a business m=in many ways if you do your research properly. A very powerful medium!


  2. 7-29-2014

    Hello Steve, I must say that this post is brilliant dude……I am a novice blogger and a co-author at….. I have written some short stories and stuffs which I want to publish and sell. Your tips have provided me with some valuable insights. I will be greatly obliged if you could go through my post and give your esteemed comments. And I’m looking forward to your future posts. Hope to hear from you soon. Godspeed !!!
    Sanjay Pal recently posted…How To Safeguard Your Blog !!My Profile

    • 8-1-2014

      Hey Sanjay, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :)

      That’s great, I’m glad the post was helpful for you.

      I just checked out your blog, looks really great! I will have a read through over the weekend, looks like you blog about some really interesting stuff.

      Great to connect with you here Sanjay.

      Best regards,


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