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Safe Swaps Tips – How To Make A Killing With Email Marketing!

Safe Swaps Tips – How To Make A Killing On Safe Swaps!


Safe-SwapsI recently had a guy sign up to safe swaps under my affiliate link which is great! However, I went to check out his safe swaps profile and saw that he only had one person on his list. I realized this guy must be new to email marketing, so I thought I’d write this post to help him and anyone else out who is new to email marketing and ad swapping.

For anyone reading this who is unfamiliar with safe swaps, basically it is a platform where you can interact with other marketers to set up ad swap campaigns in order to grow your list. It’s really a great platform as you have more security when organizing your swaps. You can also view the profiles of other potential swaps partners to see how big their list is, how many clicks on average they can send and also how other people rate them as swaps partners. Since using safe swaps I’ve also met a few really cool people there too that I’m sure I’ll continue to do business with for years to come!

I aim to make this post a dynamite of information for anyone looking to grow a list quickly and start earning an income with email marketing.


How To Get Started With Safe Swaps

Ok, so this post presupposes you already have your landing page with your free offer and your sales funnel set up. If you don’t then check out this page to find out how to set it all up. It is a very wise move to also make sure your landing page is converting well before you start doing swaps. Here’s a cool post that talks you through this.

So firstly you’ll want to set up your profile. It’s good to let people know in your ‘about me’ section which niche you are in and that you are happy to match clicks if you do not match them the first time around.

Once you’ve done that, hover over the question mark (?) in the top right corner of the page and read the quick start guide. Also familiarize yourself with the other parts of that page. This will help you with your understanding of ad swaps, how they work and what to expect from safe swaps.

What If I Only Have A Small List?

So what if your list is really small or non-existent? Well chances are people aren’t going to want to swap with you until your list is at least half decent. But not to worry, if this is the case all you need to do is purchase a few solo ads.

You can find solo ad sellers on safe swaps, and if you have been a member for more than 5 minutes I’m sure you have already be approached by one or two. No doubt there are some great solo ad sellers on safe swaps however, I have not used any of them so I cannot recommend them first hand. You will need to do your own research there and use your judgement.

Solo ad directory - safe swapsWhen I first started I did use solo ads but I went to Reed Floren’s Solo Ad Directory. Here you can find many great people to buy solo ads from. However, again you will need to use your own judgement. I was lucky enough that another marketer more experienced than myself at the time gave me a tip on who to use and it worked out really well. If you are also as fortunate then I would say to follow their advice.

Once you have got your list to at least 200 subscribers then you can respectably start doing ad swaps with other users on safe swaps.


FREE Offers

Make sure your landing page does in fact lead to a free offer of some kind for instance, an ebook, video, software etc, and not a sales page. I personally will not swap with anyone that sends subscribers directly to a sales page as this shows that the person is not really interested in building and nurturing a list, they are only really concerned with getting a quick sale. If you send your list to these kinds of offers then you are going to burn your list out quickly.

So, to ensure that your potential ad swap partners offer is in fact a free offer, opt-in to their list yourself to see if you receive the free gift. If so then great, set up the swap. If not then I would advise you find another partner but it’s your call. When I do this I use an email I have specifically for ad swaps so my primary email doesn’t get filled up with ad swap offers.


Maximize Your Selling Potential & Get Your List Use To Buying From You

Having a one-time offer in place is a great way to do this.Basically, your landing page will be promoting a free offer of some kind, as mentioned before. Once they opt-in to receive your free offer, it will be emailed to them almost immediately. In the meantime, the page then diverts to a sales page with what’s called a ‘one-time offer’. This is an offer they will only see ‘one time’, is relevant to your niche and your free offer and offers an exceptionally great deal at a ridiculously low price.

Why does it do this..? Well, first of all it gives you the chance to maximize on your earnings as many of your subscribers will wind up purchasing your one-time offer. However, the most important reason for doing this is, that as the price is so low and so enticing, it gets your subscribers use to buying from you. If they have bought from you once and been happy with the product and the experience, then chances are they will buy from you again, and that is the whole point of building an email subscriber list.


Email Swipes

This is a really important point I learned from my mentor…

Set up your partners swipe manually in your auto-responder and re-write your partners swipe before sending it. The reason for this is that, chances are there will be people on your list who are already on other peoples lists too and therefore they may have already seen the offer. However, this doesn’t mean that those people would have necessarily clicked through and opted in as many people open the emails but don’t click through for whatever reason.

So, when you re-write your partners swipe, make sure it is accurate to the free offer and the (original swipe). Always download your partners free offer and have a look at their landing page when re-writing. Doing this, over a fairly short space of time will make you an expert in email ad copy writing and soon you will be able to write killed email copy at the drop of a hat!

When writing email ad copy, do not waffle on, be interesting, exciting and to the point. ALWAYS include a call to action at the end ie, ‘click her now to grab your free gift’.

Also, make sure you include three links to the offer in each email that you send.


What Time Should I Send My Offers?

I sue AWeber for my auto-responder service because they are frickin’ awesome at what they do. If you haven’t ste up an auto-responder yet then I strongly advise using AWeber. When you set up your swipes, you can queue them for specific times on certain days. Queuing your swipes for 7:55am  is a good strategy as many people check their emails at around 8am. Therefore, queuing yours for 7:55am will mean it will be at the top of the pile in the morning when your subscribers come to check their inbox ;)


Tracking Your Ad-Swaps With Safe Swaps

Tracking is REALLY important when it comes to online marketing. Take the time to follow safe swaps instructions to set up your tracking. Basically, you take the code that safe swaps provides you and include it under the <body> tag on your one-time offer page. This way safe swaps can tell you exactly where your clicks are coming from in your safe swaps account.


Matching Clicks

If you do not match someones clicks, send out their swipe again to match. Your reputation is really important on safe swaps so do your best to match peoples clicks where you can.If someone has sent you a stupidly high a mount of clicks compared to your t hat you cannot possibly match don’t worry, just message the person and let them know that you will be mailing out their offer again several times over the next few months to match their clicks over time.

If someone doesn’t match your clicks or forgets to send your swipe don’t get mad and give them a bad rating straight away. Email them to see what’s going on as there may be a good reason for it. Give them a chance to make good before posting a negative rating.


Guest Users

Be wary of guest users. I didn’t say don’t swap with them (as safe swaps will tell you), I’m just saying be careful. If you have swapped with them before (maybe when they were a full member and not a guest user) or anyone else you have swapped with that gave you a good experience has rated them well then perhaps consider a swap with them.

Other Important Points

Here are some other really important points that will help you to be successful with ad swaps and avoid burning your list out too quickly:

  • Do not send the same offer more than once per 2 months at the very least. If you send your list the same offer too frequently you will start to get a lot of unsubscribes
  • Check your safe swaps account frequently for new partners, swap requests, ratings etc
  • Do not do more than one swap per day. If you mail out too much then again, you may find people on your list unsubscribing
  • Aim to set up one swap per day if you want to build your list fast. This over time will rapidly build your list but bear in mind, this is still likely to get you several unsubscribes. However, the ratio will be greatly in your favour!

 One Final Point

Although safe swaps and doing ad swaps with other marketers is a great way to build a list quickly and earn an extra income, I would not advise using this as your main and only list, but to use it as a secondary list. I personally have my main list associated with sources that follow me and my brand specifically, such as my blog, my YouTube channel and other social media platforms. I do not expose this list to ad swaps. I run a separate list that I use on safe swaps for ad swaps only. This gives my the opportunity to network with other marketers, improve my skills writing email copy, and build an extra passive income stream.


Do you use safe swaps? What other tips could you offer? What have you found particularly effective? Let me know about your safe swaps experiences in the comments below!



  1. 2-28-2014

    Hi Steve,
    I am new to this service but I am intrigued with its features and how they can help to build a list with ease. I may need to read about this platform in details to see how the platform can help improve my email marketing! Thanks for sharing this piece!

    I have shared this comment in where this post is socially bookmarked for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

    • 3-1-2014

      Hi Sunday,

      Yes it is a great platform, I’ve been using it for about 5 months now and have found it really beneficial in growing a list.

      It’s a great idea to do some research first before you start using it as you say, but I find the best way to learn about something new is to do it and get the experience.

      Feel free to give me a shout if I can help you Sunday, I’d be more than happy to help you out, talk with you about using the platform etc if you need.

      Have a great weekend man!


  2. 3-11-2014

    Hi Steve,

    Came by earlier and was reading your very detailed helpful guide to using solo ads in their various forms.
    You optin form swooped down….got caught so ended up closing the browser and doing other things!.

    Some very good information.
    Newbies should pay attention to the part about
    SELECTING someone to buy solo ads from.
    Try to get a recommendation from a friend…the best
    source if you can get the info, or just ask for
    recommends in a Facebook group where you are active with other members.

    Check out my post about this on my Facebook page called InternetMoneyStore
    Funny how Aweber picked up on my Tweet and responeded.
    Cararta recently posted…Review: Dave Nicholson Says What are the Simplest and Best Ways to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

    • 3-16-2014

      Hey Cararta,

      Yes you are right, it is very important for people to do a little research before going with a solo seller. Preferably get a recommendation, that’s the route I went and it worked out well!

      Asking for recommendations on Facebook groups is a great tip, thanks for sharing!

      Yes I was also surprised how quickly Aweber picked up on your tweet and responded, lol! :)

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